About Us

Who Are We?

Imperial Nutrition is a small boutique sports supplement company established in New York in 2016 to provide innovative products that revolve around your workouts or goals. The idea of creating a small company in a market dominated by giants came to us when one of our partners was complaining about the politics, deception, and aggressive pricing demands made by larger brands to squeeze a profit out of their clients by any means possible. Our solution to this problem is to maintain a minimal, streamlined company that guarantees everybody involved in the process from bottling to retail purchase gets a good deal.

Additionally, to preserve the spirit and tradition of this industry, our clientele is restricted exclusively to brick-and-mortar supplement stores and arrangements will NOT be made with any online retailers.


What Are Our Reseller Conditions?

Wholesalers agree to abide by the following conditions:

Products may not be offered for online purchase, unless approved by Imperial Nutrition.
Products may not be offered below Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), under any circumstances.
Products may not be offered on any third party platforms under any circumstances.